Saturday, October 13

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Monday, July 23

My nose

Really? I thought. Man that is a big nose. It has a tiny bump on the middle. Darn you Facebook. You made me look close at my nose. I have lost my innocence. My big nose, I had just realized this at the age of 34. I don't like Facebook anymore.

Are you pissed that you have to pull nose hairs? I am. My friend Luke was talking about his hair pulling days. I have to pull about 10 a week or more. Am I sniffing miracle grow or something? I think its the age that I am now. Age 1-10 is adolescence, 11-19 mischief, 20-29 teenager/ young adult, 30-33 responsible (???) and 34-35 hair coming out of weird places. Like on top of my nose. Also the length of my nose hairs. Really that long? And it hurts to pull. I shed tears and then sneeze. Do you have that problem? Sometimes I have to shine a flashlight up there. Ya know, to see the blond/gray ones. My noses itch and itch. I look to see, nothing. Dang grey hair. By the way have you ever seen how many hairs are in just one nostril? I know Jesus knows exactly how many.

I once had a roommate that spent hours in the bathroom. I know exactly what he was doing... pulling nose hairs!

I am not leaving pictures related to this post... BUT I really want to...!!