Sunday, December 4

Brian "Head" Welch

Earlier this year I was on a fortune cookie fix. They are SO tasty. Also I started to collect those little pieces of paper that are stuffed in those tasty little treats. I would tape them in my tiny composition book. I never really put stock in the fortunes. Somewhat seems evil to me in the belief. There is no salvation or need to repent in the fortunes. No need to worship a living GOD. However... I do believe that God is above all and everything. I do believe that He uses the evil in the world to for His good and perfect plan. Having that said, one of the fortunes came true. Here's the story.

As a teenager I was turned onto metal music. It started with Whitecross, Rez Band, Deliverance, Tourniquet and Mortification. It was mostly Christian metal bands. My mom would always criticize those bands as being Satanic or demonic. That stance is still to this day all over the Bible belt. What mom didn't realize was that those bands were preaching the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. And she was preaching condemnation and legalism. I never stop listening to this "metal music".  It wasn't a form of parental protection. It was a parental control. The legalism and manipulation in those parts of the country still haughts me. I am so glad I didn't listen to mom. She had it all wrong. BUT... my brother went off to college and came back with some new music for my "virgin ears". It was...grunge. Nirvana was just starting out in the early nineties. I loved it! But the message was different from the other bands that were coming in my ears. I started to listen to heavier bands, AC/DC, Metallica. Then I went off the deep end. In rebellion to my mom's don't listen to that "satanic" music; I started to listen to other music out there. Not to say that these bands are classified as satanic, they just don't preach the Good News of Jesus. The bands are Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Korn, Tool, Six Feet Under, Slayer and the like. I still enjoy the music.

So life continues up till 2006. I had heard that the bassist of Korn, "Head" became a Christian. No biggie. People say that all the time to get publicly. Life moves on. An ole roommate told me about a book that "Head" wrote. I read it. I started to follow and research this ex band member of Korn. That was 2009. Over a few years I read the book, viewed interviews and news stories about Brian "Head" Welch. Compelling story I thought. A few months back I read that he was going to be at a church speaking in Bellingham, WA. Bam! I am there. A thought came across my mind...remember the fortune in your little book. It read "ONE DAY YOU WILL MEET SOMEONE FAMOUS". So, I went to Bellingham to see someone famous. It was Brian "Head" Welch. The ex band member of Korn who became a Christian and left the band. And here is his autograph also.

Head's autograph.
Head pointing to my beard!
Still not a beliver in fortune cookies. I am not advocating to follow those fortunes. I am just saying...God does use evil to bring Glory to Himself in the stranges ways. When I was next in line behind some teenie bobber girls. He noticed the beard. He yelled, "WHOA! LOOK AT THAT BEARD!" I think I was the famous one there for a second. Thanks Brian for your compelling story. Thank you your true and authentic devotion to loving our Jesus Christ. Praise Him!